King Caviar, established in the year 2000, is the main supplier and dealer of Caviar in the region with an extensive client list that includes local and international customers, from First Class Hotels, Airlines, and Duty Free Shops to Restaurants and Catering Companies.

In a short period, King Caviar has expanded from our region in a wide direction, whereby we now operate worldwide, and in some of the most exclusive markets, from Europe and America to bustling regions of Asia. The basic philosophy behind our globally rising success, and consumer desire for our products, lies in the simple care and attention that we bring to everything that we do. Seafood products are delicate vis-à-vis other more common foods, so attention to detail, and to science, are imperative for grade-A quality. As we are first and foremost seafood connoisseurs ourselves, we find it necessary to be our own toughest critics and make this promise to our consumers that we never cut corners when it comes to quality, freshness and taste.